How to Sell Your Wedding Dress for Cash

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When I was arranging my wedding, I was laser-centered around finding the ideal dress.

Going from an online bridal boutique to wedding boutique, I took a stab at incalculable choices – until, at last, I discovered it! In any case, after my wedding, my dress has been sitting in my storeroom social affair dust. This made me consider where I can sell my wedding dress and recover a portion of the expense.

In any case, where precisely would you be able to sell a wedding dress? You may think about how to sell your wedding dress and the amount you can get for it. There are a few distinct alternatives – both on the web and locally – that will include somewhat more money in your pocket and open up your wardrobe space.

With regards to selling stuff on the web, the principal choice that may strike a chord might be Craigslist or eBay. While those sites are incredible for selling certain things, wedding dresses and wedding-related stuff are not among them.

The vast majority don’t go to eBay or Craigslist to scan for a wedding dress, so it might take more time to sell it.

Your most logical option is to go with an explicit specialty site that spotlights on selling and exchanging wedding-related things, including wedding dresses.

These locales are focused on ladies who are explicitly searching for a recycled wedding dress. Posting your dress on those sites will get it before a group of people that is ready for action to purchase this particular thing.

Tips for Selling Your Used Wedding Dress Online

When hoping to sell your wedding dress, there are a couple of components to consider. As a matter of first importance, ensure your dress is in great condition with no tears, stains, or other harm. Since you’ve just worn the dress once, it’s conceivable still in great condition.

Additionally, remember that photographs sell. The more photographs you can incorporate your dress from every single diverse point, the better.

You can incorporate both photographs of you in the dress and the dress on a holder however make a point to demonstrate any significant subtleties, for example, beadwork or an uncommon trim structure very close. Moreover, give all the data you have, for example, size, accurate shading (ivory, grayish, and so forth.), underskirts, etc.

What Are the Top Sites to Sell Your Wedding Dresses?

In case you’re hoping to make some money by selling your wedding dress, look at the sites beneath. A large number of them are explicitly focused toward ladies hoping to purchase recycled wedding-related things and spare money.

A portion of these sites additionally offers wedding dress relegation alternatives if that is something you’re thinking about.

Still White

Still White bills itself as the world’s biggest preowned wedding dress commercial center. As indicated by their site, they’ve effectively sold $23 million and have a few decent alternatives for selling your dress. The site is clear and simple to-explore for the two vendors and purchasers.

You have two choices when posting your outfit. Under the standard choice, you’ll pay a one-time expense of $20 to list your dress. You’ll pay no commission on the deal, your dress will be recorded until it’s sold, and you can transfer up to four photographs.

The top-notch posting alternative accompanies a $30 one-time expense; a landing page display includes a bigger photograph in pursuit and up to eight photographs.


Tradesy is an online commercial center for architect attire and products. Notwithstanding regular style, you can likewise sell your wedding dress through the stage. Making a posting is straightforward, and you can set your very own cost.

Nonetheless, remember that on the off chance that you need to sell your wedding dress on the site, it should be in magnificent condition.

An extraordinary aspect concerning Tradesy is that it guides you through each progression of the posting procedure. You’ll likewise get recommendations to make your postings as well as can be expected be so you can sell your dress rapidly.

To really sweeten the deal, all transferred photographs will be naturally improved by Tradesy to make your posting stick out.

For wedding dresses, when your thing sells, you can print a prepaid mark and ship utilizing your very own materials. On the off chance that the purchaser restores your thing because of something that isn’t your shortcoming, Tradesy will deal with it, and you get the chance to keep your income.

There are no forthright selling charges. Be that as it may, you do need to pay a 19.8% commission on things sold for more than $50.


Another extraordinary alternative for selling your wedding dress is Poshmark. It’s an application/site where you can sell your utilized garments with attention on fashioner brands.

With the application, making a posting is speedy, straightforward – and free! Simply take a couple of photographs with your telephone and transfer them in under 60 seconds.

The application makes it simple to share your postings to your system for customers to find. They offer custom channels and have a huge determination of bridesmaid and wedding dresses.

You can speak with potential purchasers inside the application, making it simpler to keep everything in one spot.

When your dress sells, simply print off the paid ahead of time, pre-tended to name and either drop it in a post box or calendar a free get. Be that as it may, remember that you’ll need to pay a 20% commission charge when you sell your wedding dress on Poshmark.

Almost Newlywed

In case you’re searching for a choice that will make the selling procedure bother free and wouldn’t fret paying a higher commission rate, look at Nearly Newlywed. The posting procedure is brisk and simple – simply present some data and photographs of your wedding dress.

When your posting is affirmed, Nearly Newlywed takes it from that point. They field purchaser questions, handle installments, transportation, protection, etc. At the point when your dress sells, you’ll get a prepaid transportation name to send the outfit to Nearly Newlywed for examination and to check its condition.

Remember that there’s a $25 posting expense and there’s no certification that your dress will be acknowledged.

Almost Newlywed likewise offers proficient cleaning at profoundly limited rates, so you have the choice to have them spruce it up before selling it. When your dress sells, you’ll get an installment for 60% of the business cost, and the site keeps 40% as their bonus.

Wedding Bee

Wedding Bee is a site and an online network concentrated on giving exhortation, tips, and deceives to genuine couples anticipating getting married. You can discover data on subjects, for example, DIY wedding ventures, day-of tips, just as dream wedding motivation.

Yet, in particular, the site likewise includes a classifieds segment where you can sell your wedding dress.

It’s allowed to list your wedding dress on Wedding Bee, and there are no enrollment expenses to join. You set your own cost and handle interchanges with intrigued purchasers just as delivery the dress.

You can likewise list other wedding-related things, for example, shoes, frill, adornments, and then some.

Wore It Once

Wore It Once is a stage that associates purchasers and dealers of utilized wedding dresses, outfits, gems, shoes, and other garments things. You can sell your wedding dress by setting up your very own custom shop where you can list other wedding-related things also.

When posting your dress, you’ll have to round out a structure with subtleties, for example, size, shading, and style. At that point compose a custom portrayal for your dress and settle on a posting cost.

There’s a one-time arrangement expense of $20. Be that as it may, as of now, there’s no bonus on the closeout of any of your things. Your postings never lapse, and you set your very own costs.

There are likewise no restrictions on the number of items in your shop, so you can sell all your utilized wedding things!