Website Hosting Myths

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1. All website hosting providers are all the same

Are you looking for top web hosting services for your ecommerce platform? Well, you should choose your website hosting provider well. Not all of them are the same! A wrong choice can negatively impact your business.

2. Cost

The cost is one of the first things you should know before finalizing your deal with a web host. You need to be aware of all the hidden costs. In fact, some web host provides wouldn’t reveal 100% of the costs to you unless you register them.

3. Response Speed

Load time and response time are important factors to be considered when it comes to ensuring the positive experience of customers. A low response time would increase a website’s bounce rate. A slow website will also have an adverse impact on your search engine ranking.

4. Multiple Domain Options

Some web hosting providers provide only one domain. In this case, if you are managing a business where you need multiple ones, pick a host that offers multiple domain availabilities.