Web Hosting 101: The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

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1. Safe from server hardware problems

If you go for a cloud hosting plan, your website becomes isolated from any physical server problems like hardware failure system overload or hacking. When one physical server is experiencing an issue, or is heavily compromised, you can use the physical resources of a different server without any downtime.

2. Better performance and faster website speed

Many cloud servers provide clients fast speeds. Aside from improving your website’s capacity, a cloud hosting set up also allows more convenient load balancing between all the server environments. This can help put less strain on one server’s resources.

3. Good for websites with scalable traffic

Is the traffic level of your website always going up and down? Then, it’s quite challenging to look for a web host that can provide you the best value for your cash. With the help of cloud hosting, you can easily scale all of server resources. It is quite difficult to look for this level of scalability on any other hosting style.

4. Flexible costs

There are tons of website hosting companies in Malaysia, but not all of them would fit in your
budget. In most plans, you need to pay a monthly price, regardless of whether or not you use all the server resources. In a cloud hosting service, you just pay for those things that you use. Thus, if you are expecting a big amount of traffic, there is no need to upgrade your plan. Just scale all of your resources during that expected traffic surge.

5. Convenient to scale server resources

A cloud hosting plan can help you scale your server resources most of the time. A lot of these cloud servers have access to a reliable, intuitive website management dashboard. It helps people view their website performance in real time.