Technical Architecture 101: 6 Drawing Tips

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Architecture is more than just drawing simple figures. It is an art and science combined. Do you want to be a successful architect someday, and work for a top architect firm in Kuala Lumpur? Here are some tips that can give you a good start. Let these architecture drawing tips serve as primary guidelines.

1. Include dotted lines to highlight your drawing’s back edges.

That way, you keep the drawing clean and tidy. You can also make it elegant and smart. Various line types integrates several kinds of information.

2. Understand all the thinking and principles behind sections.

Understanding all the sections is 90% about coming up with your 3-dimensional vision. If you don’t understand this yet, it will make more sense as you go along.

3. Know a minimum of 3 different kinds of axonometrics.

There are many types of axonometric drawings. They must highlight the same exact volume at different angles.

4. You should know what exactly is a dodecahedron, as well as how to draw it in axonometric and triple projection.

There are many kinds of simple volumes that you must know. Knowing how to draw the so-called dodecahedron is probably the most interesting one. Begin with a triple projection, and then axonometric.

5. Solve 100 geometry problems to become smarter.

The more you become smarter as an architect, the faster your success would be. By solving problems, you can become more intelligent and more disciplined in your craft. Develop the habit of solving each descriptive geometry problem you encounter.

6. Make sure that you know how to draw the standard primitives.

Some of the standard primitives are the cube, cylinder, pyramid, tetrahedron and cone. Try drawing them in triple projection, as well as in different kinds of axonometrics.