Some Enterprise Mobile Application Development Challenges that Companies Face

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When we typically talk about mobile applications, we normally talk about what the mass consumer market can use. You know, those applications that can be readily downloaded in your device’s respective app stores. But, there are other applications as well. There are enterprise apps that are used in specific companies that have all of the features needed to improve overall business operations.

App development companies may sometimes cater to corporate clients, but if you are a business owner trying to have an app built for your business, you must be wary of some of the challenges that you will typically face during mobile application development.

Getting the Right Team

The first problem that business owners have to think about when it comes to having an application built for their companies is finding the right app development team. Although you might already have a talented team in-house, most of the corporate owners would rely on outsourced or third-party app developers.

That being said, if you are ever going to settle with an app development company, you must conduct your research beforehand.

You have to know about the company- their track record, their lineup of developers, as well as their expertise in creating enterprise applications. Remember, you’re going to be spending a lot of money in the app’s creation, so you better make sure that you’re going to go with a development team that knows what they’re doing.

The User Interface

When we talk about the user interface, you have to think about how it is going to affect the overall user experience. This is true for both employee-facing and consumer-based applications. For instance, if you are going to create an application that will be used in your company, it must be absurdly easy to use that people will know exactly how to navigate and use the different features of the application. Remember, the user interface is a very important aspect- one that you should never overlook when it comes to the development process.

Native or Cross-Platform Development?

Another important consideration for business owners would be if they would settle for a native application or one that can be run no matter what operating system your employees’ phones are using.Well, that will depend. Will you provide them with company-issued devices? If so, native application development is something that you should consider since they are only going to use the same devices anyway.

However, things change when you have them use their own devices instead. In order to cut down on costs, company owners typically do this.

However, you also have to contend with the fact that not all of your employees use two phones with completely different operating systems.
If you are going for the second approach, I suggest that you do two things. Either you go for an application that supports cross-platform compatibility or you tell your employees to only use one device (although the latter is not feasible).Both native and cross-platform applications have pros and cons and it is up to you what you think is best for your company.