Keyword Research Is Essential In SEO Campaign

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Keyword Research Is The Cornerstone Of Every SEO Marketing

Keyword research is important because by knowing which keywords should be used and using properly targeted keywords, if you do not how to do it, seek a seo services Malaysia to help you. The contents searched by the users can be moved at the top of the results pages. If you are struggling with this, the struggle to get a lot of traffic will be ten times more difficult. Imagine if you create a site without a complete keyword research process, maybe it would be very hard at bringing in some visitors per day. In fact, you might have to write dozens of articles just to get some visitors and readers per day. You might also not going to stand out if you find yourself using the same keywords for your site. When you know what your target audience is looking for, your site will stand out more. 

But Just What Should You Look For And Do?

In every keyword research,  you should always look for at least 2 main keywords and at least 10 supporting keywords. Monthly search traffic of all these exact keywords combined should be more than 2,000 traffic. If less you will need to find the keyword again until it is enough. After that, always take note of the competition and potential traffic for each keyword. From there you need to determine the priority scale.

What You Should Target For?

Always target the easiest keywords and the Internet traffic potential, rather than targeting the harder keywords. Then you will create some pillar pages on the site to target those easy keywords. Skyscraper pages are pages that contain super powerful, complete, and optimised articles for easy keywords. This pillar article like this is highly favoured by Google and it will be very easy to rank high for keywords that are minimal competition as you perform on-page SEO well. That way you will have initial traffic quickly that allows you to build authority domain through ‘likes’ and ‘tweet’ and as well as to get funding to finance the SEO process for keywords that are more difficult. The tools to do your keyword research is none other than Google Keyword Planner.