Instagram Business Ideas: 5 New Ways to Use Instagram

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1. Show people that you are an expert in your niche.

Any social media agency in Malaysia would tell you to use Instagram to establish your credibility. Let your customers reach out to you for expert advice. Use Instagram to inform them, and offer good advice through compelling content.

2. Encourage your customers to answer questions.

Making your customers answer questions every now and then can improve brand awareness and engagement. Showcase your brand’s personality, and make sure to make a good impression.

3. Show your customers were you are located.

This is one of the most important details you should communicate to your audience and customers. What if your office is hard to find, and hidden around other tall buildings? Utilize Instagram to show them how to find your business. Where can they park their cars?

4. Execute interesting online contests.

In Instagram, it’s east to give away free stuff to engage more people. Online contents are amazing approaches you can do to gain more followers, and establish trust and brand awareness. Tell your followers to tag their friends!

5. Sell all of your products by integrating shoppable posts.

Have you ever seen an Instagram image with a price tag? This is an amazing Instagram business idea that you can utilize to increase your sales. What’s even more brilliant is that you can boost this post, allowing more people to see it.