How to Create a Website: A Short Guide

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One of the first things you should know about are the professionals who dominate the website design scene.  

Web designers. They are the talented designers who turn your ideas to reality. This is usually accomplished in Adobe Photoshop or any similar graphics program.

UI and UX designers. These people focus on how a specific layout design impacts users.

Web developers. They are also called website coders or engineers. A website developer knows “how to speak computer” and are proficient in coding languages.

Front-end developers. They specialize in the elements that we see when looking at a website.

Back-end developers. They specialize on the behind-the-scenes website tasks.

Content strategists, SEO specialists and SEO content writers. You may also want to consult these people in the process of building your website.


Acquire hosting platform and domain name.

Creating a website is just like opening your own brick-and-mortar company. You need to rent a good location. Website hosting is the specific physical space where all your website assets will be located. You can rent monthly, or purchase it entirely.

The domain name, on the other hand, is the name users type in their browsers to go to your website. Usually, this is a business name. To get this, you need to register with a particular domain registrar, and pay a very small fee.


Finalize your website’s structure, and gather all of its content.

Don’t expect your website developer or designer to write your content, or look for images for all your products. You need to provide all of those materials, as well as your pages’ general structure.

For its structure, you may want to include the most common pages.

  • Homepage
  • Product directory
  • Individual product pages
  • Terms and conditions
  • Gallery
  • About page Us page
  • Contact Page
  • Blog
  • Landing pages


Identify all the elements and functionalities that you need.  

What do you want to happen when a person visit’s your website? Do you want them to gain some product information? Determine your website’s goal. All the elements and functionalities should depend on this goal. This can also impact your budget, so you need to sort out everything in order to acquire accurate quotes.


How can you get your website created?

  • Template Websites and Builders

There are many do-it-yourself website template platforms that you can utilize now, from Weebly and Shopify to Squarespace and WordPress. Each of these platforms have their own templates and specialties.

  • Hire Reputable Freelancers for Customized Solutions

Do you want to gain more control over your website’s functionality? Then, your best option is to hire freelancers.