Everything You Want to Know About Web Hosting

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People talk about websites all of the time. Do you want to connect with as many people
as possible? There are social media platforms that you can visit and use. Do you want
to play games? There are also websites that provide you with such entertainment as
People talk about different kinds of websites, but they never mention anything about
web hosting. Web hosting is actually quite important and in this article, I will talk about
all of the information that you need to know about it so that you will understand why that
is the case.

What is a Website?

For you to understand what a web host does, it is important to talk about what a website
is first. A website is any page that you can access online. There are many different
types of websites out there, but here are just some of the most popular ones:

  • Web Applications– Any online game that you want to play, Facebook, Google,
    and other similar sites are known simply as web applications. These are things
    that can also be run on a mobile device as well.
  • Documents and Pages- A blog is part of this type of website, as well as those
    that have files that you can download on your chosen device.
  • Content Management Systems– Joomla and WordPress are both great
    examples of this. Basically, the vast majority of websites that you can see online
    are powered by content management systems.

So, how will you be able to access a website? Well, all websites have their own
respective domain names. Think of them as their home address over the internet. For
instance, whenever you want to go to Google, you would typically have to input
www.google.com for you to access Google’s popular search engine.
Technically, whenever you input the website’s URL, a server request will be made to the
web server and pulls the necessary data that will be sent to the one that requested it so
that the website can be displayed to you. Once that is done, the entirety of a website will
then be displayed in full to the user that just inputted the correct URL of a particular

What is a Web Host?

Now, I’ve mentioned earlier that whenever a person inputs a website URL, a server
request is made to the web server. That web server is actually owned by a web hosting
company. So basically, a web host is a company that owns many web servers that can
be used by anyone who wants to have their websites be accessible online.

Essentially, when you are getting a hosting plan, you are just renting a small space on
their web servers. Any added services will be contingent upon the company itself, but
the gist is that your website will be online after you’ve subscribed to their service.
Therefore, a web host is important if you want your website to be accessible globally.
Without it, your website is basically just an offline page.