A Short Guide to Breastfeeding Success

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Breastfeeding your child is not only about feeding him all the nutrients needed for growth and
good health. It is a wonderful experience and bonding moment that you share with your little
one. Basically, you are just doing what comes naturally for baby and mother. As much as
possible, stick to breast milk all throughout the way–no baby formula milk can ever beat it.

Before buying baby milk bottles in Malaysia, make sure that you know the importance of feeding
your kid nutritious milk.

Here are the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding that you must know.

  • Breastfeeding not only benefits the child, but also the mother. It is highly important for both of them. The hormones produced during the lactation process help the uterus return to its size before pregnancy. It is a good way to lose all of the deposited fat during pregnancy. Moreover, it lessens the risk of the mom developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes and breast cancer.
  • Breast milk is more environmentally friendly and affordable compared to baby milk formulas.
  • Breast milk is designed to nourish infants. It is composed of nutrients suited for your little one’s growth rate. Furthermore, if you have been sweating a lot, this can compensate for the fluid loss you are experiencing.
  • Breast milk is good for the immature digestive system and kidneys of your child. It is easy to digest, and can help address constipation.

8 Breastfeeding Tips

  • Make sure that your baby attaches well to your breasts. Incorrect attachment is the number one reason nipple pain.
  • Increase your breast milk supply by feeding your kid more often.
  • To prevent nipple dryness, avoid shampoos and soaps while showering.
  • Ask your partner/husband to support you the entire breastfeeding experience. Small things like this can further motivate you, and can make you feel calmer and more relaxed.
  • Manage your breasts gently to keep the milk flowing.
  • Use nursing pads or washable cotton pads to address leaking breasts.
  • Eat healthy balanced diet. At the same time, feel free to eat those food items that you enjoy.