7 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Are Better than Mobile Websites

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The era of mobile has finally here and even if you do not want to accept that, well, the world is shifting towards that. In fact, Google has made it clear that there will be a major focus on mobile development in the foreseeable future. Even though websites can be optimized to great lengths, a mobile application will still end up being the far superior option. That is the main reason why companies should look into mobile app development services just for that.

Today, you will find out about some reasons why mobile apps are exponentially better than mobile websites.

They Offer Better Personalization

A mobile application can ‘learn’ the habits of your customers by looking at past data. Then, it can provide meaningful recommendations based on what it has learned from your customers. This is not possible in mobile websites because there are features that should be used that are not present in them, such as location-based services, machine learning, among many others.

Sending Promotions is Made Easy

Email marketing has been used extensively over the past decade and even though it remains as one of the best marketing tools in this day and age, push notifications have trumped it considerably. You see, whenever you have a new product or service coming or perhaps you intend to provide product discounts, you can send timely push notifications to your customers with ease.

You no longer have to rely on email marketing or other archaic forms of marketing just to let your customers know about the new things that you have on offer.

An App is More Interactive

Because a mobile device has a lot of features, including GPS, an accelerometer, and other sensors, mobile app developers can utilize these features for the betterment of your mobile application. For instance, you might be running a bank and if you require your users to upload their recent photos, they can just make use of their smartphone’s camera, for example, to take that picture and send it to you shortly after. You cannot do these things on a website.

Offline Integration

Can you access mobile websites without an internet connection? No, you can’t. Even though mobile apps nowadays do require internet connectivity to be able to use all of its functionalities, there are some features that can be used offline. For example, if you have an e-commerce app, you can still allow your users to look at product information that they’ve loaded up in the past.

Freedom to Include Any Feature

So long as the app development team that is working on your mobile application is competent enough, they can include any feature you want in your mobile app.

Users Prefer Mobile Apps

A survey that was recently published found that about 86% of their respondents actually prefer using a mobile app more than a mobile website. Some of the reasons are that it is more convenient, has more functionality, and it is just overall more responsive than a well-optimized website.

Helps Improve Conversions

Because you can easily send out updates to your customers, it will invariably lead to improved conversions.