4 Best Brands on Social Media to Inspire Your Social Strategy

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These Companies Knows Whats Up

If you are set to do some great things, but you do not know where and how to start, then it would be best to look at the different businesses that have “been there, done that”.

Today, I am going to talk about some of the best brands that you can find on social media and I will tell you the reasons why they’ve become so successful. My aim would be to help you get inspired by following in some of their footsteps. So, without further ado, let’s get started.



Let’s start off with a pretty popular brand, Pop-Tarts. The Kellogg’s Toaster treat has become a phenomenon not only because of the product itself, but also its Twitter page.

Their Twitter account is focused more on the younger demographic and that is pretty good considering that the vast majority of their customers are the young ones.

I like that their Tweets have some sarcastic and lighthearted tones. That is why according to the surveys, their Tweets always have a lot of Retweets and shares.

Interesting enough, Kellogg’s official Twitter account only has 89,000 followers as of the time of writing this article while their own product, Pop-Tarts, has amassed more than 164,000. This goes to show you that the people who are running the product page know their target audience really well.

The reason why their Tweets have become successful is that it is kind of targeted towards the general consumer, but they do so in such a way that sparks a conversation. In almost every Tweet, people are eager to chime in with their thoughts.

Also, even when they’re promoting a new flavor or some perk, people are always quick to give their opinions; some of which are even expressing to buy the new flavors by the dozen!



Now, major sports brands rarely, if ever, advertise Reebok as one of their partners. Although it may seem that way, the brand is thriving and even more lively than ever! Why do you think they still exist in this day and age?

Surprisingly, even though they have a number of social media account, there is only one platform that they truly excel in: LinkedIn.

The reason? It is actually very simple: they share content on a frequent basis. You see, people are always eager to know something about the niche they’re really interested in.

So, since Reebok is a sports apparel and shoe brand, they interview countless fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and they even create blog content that talks about the new technology that is incorporated in their latest products.

It is this level and attention to detail that allows them to flourish in this day and age.



Instagram social media marketing is one really good to focus on when you’re an entrepreneur and that is something that Wayfair did.

They’ve been selling a number of furniture and other home goodies since the early 2000s and it was only during the emergence of social media emerged and how they did their social media marketing where they truly shined.

Wayfair’s strategy is simple. They upload high-quality photos on their Instagram account and they make sure to use appropriate hashtags, complete descriptions, and they also include the price of it as well.

Should the customer want to order that particular product, the people behind Wayfair also includes a specific link that redirects the user to the product page so that they can order without a hitch.



The network company is also doing great things by using social media to promote business. They excel in the use of LinkedIn in that they make it a point to give every detail about their company in their own social page.

Furthermore, the company is transparent about the products and services that they offer and they give you compelling reasons why you should consider getting what they offer to help you get the most out of your digital life.